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American Almonds 1Kg (امریکن بادام گری)

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These almonds (Badam) are imported from the United States. its almond gree available in big size. This Almonds (Badam) are so rich in protein and vitamins that they are considered to be the best dried fruit element in the world. It’s a some expensive. But the highest in its capacity and quality. Doctors recommend this almond (Badam) for most mental illness patients. This is powerful element in dry fruits.

Milk’s Fruit’s (Best for your brain)

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If you can't afford expensive dried fruits then Malik Fruit is the best gift for you. Because it mixes all the expensive dried fruits. Like Almonds, Walnuts, Cardamom, Dry Dates, Dried Mulberry,Sounf, Mong Phli, Chahar Maghz, Pistachio, CoConuts, Mesri. It's totally a brain food. Which quickly removes your mental fatigue and weakness.