Desi Ghee 1kg (دیسی گھی)

We make desi ghee on customer's order. Because pure milk is not available in large quantities. We only work with limited orders. It is our responsibility to deliver high quality buffalo Ghee from village to your home. Because we believe in a consistent business attitude.

Jungli Honey 1kg (بڑی مکھی)

We do not have farm honey available. We collect honey from local forest, villages and river area. Honey is a cure for every disease. It improves human digestive system and improves beauty. We arrange pure food for you from villages. The Sultaj river passes through Kasur district, on the banks of which there are many orchards. From where we collect different types of honey for you. . Honey is returnable if it is not pure. You can also chat with us personally on WhatsApp for more comfort.

Beeri Honey 1KG (چھوٹی مکھی )

We do not have farm honey available. We collect honey from local forest, villages and river area. Kasur district has abundance of natural river berries. Which is shown on our official YouTube channel. We do not add anything to honey or take anything from it. Honey is returnable if it is not pure. You can also chat with us personally on WhatsApp for more comfort.

Milk’s Fruit’s (Best for your brain)

If you can't afford expensive dried fruits then Malik Fruit is the best gift for you. Because it mixes all the expensive dried fruits. Like Almonds, Walnuts, Cardamom, Dry Dates, Dried Mulberry,Sounf, Mong Phli, Chahar Maghz, Pistachio, CoConuts, Mesri. It's totally a brain food. Which quickly removes your mental fatigue and weakness.

Mix Achaar 1kg (مکس اچار)

Mix pickle total weight 1kg. We have homemade Mix achar available. It is made by adding , lemon, carrot, green pepper, cumin, fennel. The spices included in the product are also prepared at home. They do not contain any flavors or food chemicals. Our pickles are delicious and healthy. This is a completely traditional dish of the village. Which you can now order at home with one click.

Jaw Sattu 1kg (with Badam Mix)

We make Jaw sattu with almonds and zera. Which is a very tasty and healthy drink. This is our complete home made product. It does not contain any artificial flavors or food chemicals. Sattu is a traditional beverage of Punjab. Which cools in hot weather. Its pleasure is enhanced when Gur Shaker is used in it. We will provide you Shaker and sattu at home at a reasonable price.

Sardai Powder 500gm (سردائی پاوڈر)

Ingredients: Almond,illaichi,Pista,Kaju,Sonf,Gulab,Black mirch,,Khashkhas,sugar. We have made Sardai powder for you in pure traditional way. It does not contain any artificial flavors or food chemicals.This is a traditional Sardai powder made entirely from dried fruits. If it is mixed with milk and drunk in extreme hot weather, it gives a feeling of pleasure and happiness.

Turmeric Powder 1kg (ہلدی پاوڈر)

Its crop is excellent in the villages of Punjab.We buy red Red Chilli and turmeric directly from farmers. They clean it in their factory and grind it. Thus turmeric and Red Chilli free from all kinds of mixtures and artificial colors. We are responsible for delivering from the village to your home.

Red Chilli 1Kg (سرخ مرچ پاوڈر)

We collect red Chilli from the villages.Which is free from toxic fertilizers.It is then thoroughly cleaned and powdered. No color or blending was done.We will deliver it directly from the village to your home. Our red Chilli is 100% guaranteed.

Village Panjeeri 1Kg (دیسی پنجیری)

Panjiri is a centuries old traditional dish of Punjab. In which it is made from pure desi ghee, suji, cheeni, badaam, pista, akhrot, kaaju, kishmish, phool makhanay, elaichi, khopra, chaaron maghaz. It is extremely tasty and healthy. We are from the village. The village prepares this traditional dish for you. If you want to benefit from this healthy and delicious dish, order now and get it with free home delivery.

Village Pinyan 2 Kg (دیہاتی پنیاں)

Village Pinyan is traditional rural dish.Also known as mother's memory. It is made from pure milk, rice, copra, desi ghee, almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts, cardamom, soybeans. This is a pure village dish. The villagers prepare it every year. Which has a good effect on their health. We are from the village and you can order this dish at your doorstep with one click. Our packing will be simple but the item will be 100% pure.

Chilka ispaghol 500gm (چھلکا اسپغول)

We import Chilka isphgoal from India. Because it is much better in performance than other qualities. Its seeds are thick and full of nutrients.This is a magic medicine for stomach ailments. It is commonly used as a treatment for various ailments.We will provide you with a dirt free and standard Chilka isphgoal.