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Kaghzi Badam 1kg (کاغذی بادام)

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Kaghzi Badam (almonds) belong to the Gilgit area of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Its advantage is that it can be broken by hand. This almond is number one in beautifying the skin and brightening the complexion. Its oil refreshes the brain. Grind it and mix it with water to get rid of stomach heat.

Village Pinyan 2 Kg (دیہاتی پنیاں)

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Village Pinyan is traditional rural dish.Also known as mother's memory. It is made from pure milk, rice, copra, desi ghee, almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts, cardamom, soybeans. This is a pure village dish. The villagers prepare it every year. Which has a good effect on their health. We are from the village and you can order this dish at your doorstep with one click. Our packing will be simple but the item will be 100% pure.