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Kaghzi Walnuts 1Kg (کاغذی اخروٹ)

This walnut is imported from China. There are many types of Chinese walnuts. But we are giving you this nutritious and invigorating quality. People use it in confectionery, medicine, Desi Panjeeri, Milk mix dried fruit powder. It’s great for brain growth. Extremely useful for heart diseases. We will send you the best quality Chinese walnuts at home.

Milk’s Fruit’s (Best for your brain)

If you can't afford expensive dried fruits then Malik Fruit is the best gift for you. Because it mixes all the expensive dried fruits. Like Almonds, Walnuts, Cardamom, Dry Dates, Dried Mulberry,Sounf, Mong Phli, Chahar Maghz, Pistachio, CoConuts, Mesri. It's totally a brain food. Which quickly removes your mental fatigue and weakness.